In Their Own Words

A high-schooler’s life during the pandemic’s beginning

Go to work, get money, you need it for college.
Why are you working so much, relax, take a break.
Your grades are dropping, you’re sleeping too much,
are you even paying attention?

You are going to fail, fill out scholarships, email people
Apply for IE, work less, work more
Why can’t you do it all?
School is almost done, smarten up.
You need the grades
College is expensive, work more, take the extra shifts

Why are you complaining?
You are the one who took the extra shift.
Don’t forget that assignment, did you hand it in, did you need more time?
Tell me if you need help, I’ll help you
Oh, you need help? Not today, I’m busy but tomorrow I’m free
Here’s another assignment for tomorrow. Oh, you work?
Oh well, do both, I’ll help you later. Email me the questions, I’ll reply in three hours

You miss seeing people? You have a job, you are allowed out of the house, you talk to people.
Why aren’t you smiling? It’s a nice outside, go sit on the deck.
Oh, you have schoolwork, chores and paperwork to do?
Oh well, maybe next time

Take a break, you deserve it.
You work too much, you need to catch up and breathe
Work more, be thankful you still have your job
Things aren’t that bad, just go to bed late, you work tomorrow?
Get some rest, it will be busy
Its payday this week, don’t spend too much.
Save your money, that is all you made?
Oh well, better luck next time. You should buy this, split your paycheque
Save your money, buy me this and don’t forget about college, that is in four months, you need the money.

Stand six feet apart from each other,
thank you for working, see those people, they aren’t six feet apart.
What a disgrace
Wear your gloves, a mask is optional, and sanitation is a must.
Did you clean properly?

Make sure to get everything done. Don’t have enough time? Then make some.
You can get it done, its not that hard, just make sure it is correct.

I miss you, call or text any time.
I tried, you never replied.
Try again, I promise to reply back
I’m still waiting

There’s people worse off than you, stop complaining, go to work. How was work, did you have a good day?
It was fine. Go do school, did you send that email? You need to send it now.
I’ll do it later

You are lazy. I’m relaxing. Not now, later. Go do your schoolwork, your grades are dropping,
what have you even done today?
Take a break, but not a long break, go back to work, just don’t work too hard.

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Janessa Trahan

Mount Saint Vincent University – First Year Student
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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